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I was born Gregg Buxbaum, but I choose to forgo the use of my human name and prefer to be addressed as GreGGory.


Throughout my life I've been haunted (and enthralled) by 

images of beautiful glamour ghouls, mouldering lurkers in

the dark, and horrendous dooms.

I've found that the best way to get them out of my head is to pick up a pencil (or pen) and unleash them onto paper, it's fun, easier and less painful then trepanation. My art celebrates the macabre and grotesque, I view my inner horrors with love and affection, as old friends or fiends if you wish. 

Professional Experience and Awards

Speed Dating With The Damned!

a comic strip contribution for the portmanteau

My Dream Date With A Villain

available from Heretical Sexts Publishing

Winner first prize Morgue magazine create a cover contest 2007 
Model and Toy Collector magazine Tim Burton special issue cover

Clive Barker's Imajica Collectable Card Game, ZI Games/Harper Collins : 11 illustrations 

Lost Souls, The Official Clive Barker Fan Club: Logo design and various illustrations 

Chiller Theater Art Contest October 1994 1st Place Horror Drawing 
Montclair NJ : store promotional flyer and print ad
Ned Strogen Toy Concepts: Development of toy and game concepts 

Video Tonite : Promotional displays and illustration 

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