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'Nuff Said! RIP

Stanley Martin Lieber dreamt of writing the great American novel while toiling away adding dialogue to comic books for his uncle's company Timley Comics as Stan Lee. While he never did write that "great American novel", he did however contribute to elevating comics from throw away kids stuff to a more mature and intelligent art form and brought about the cultural phenomenon known as the Marvel Age of Comics. To quote the Fantastic Four's first issue "and now the world will never again be the same!” is certainly true of Stan and Marvels influence on the comics industry and especially igniting the world of fandom that we have today.

Stan "The Man" Lee was the face of Marvel and a complicated individual who unfortunately didn't always share the spotlight with his extremely talented collaborators. This fact has certainly tarnished Lee's reputation over the years with many in the industry and diehard fans (myself included), however let's not go there. Let's remember Stan as the co-creator (along with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, etc.) of some of the greatest comic heroes and who left us remembering that "with great power comes great responsibility."

'Nuff Said!

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